Greetings! My name is Deniz Iren. I am a researcher and IT project manager at Middle East Technical University (METU) Computer Center in Ankara, Turkey. In METU Computer Center, we are currently working on a large-scale, campus-wide, IT integration and process automation project.

My main research areas are crowdsourcing, project management, agile development and knowledge management. I finished my PhD studies in mid 2014 on cost of quality in crowdsourcing.

I am also an amateur endurance sports and adventure racing athlete and a photography enthusiast. Well, there is a whole lot to tell about myself. So instead you better check the links below to get to know me.

On my Research Gate profile you can find all about my research activities and my publications.
I am a part of the adventure race team: Rocklizards (Kertenkeleler). We do multi-discipline endurance races. As all members are desk workers with full-time jobs we want to show that everyone is capable of (deserves) experiencing the nature and the frontiers of their body and mind. Support our claim. Don't go to shopping malls. Be more in the nature. Express, surprise and challenge yourself (and everybody else). Subscribe to our blog and Facebook page.
This is my photoblog. See the world as I see it. How marvellous it is, isn't it?
This is my isolated and somewhat outdated blog, about crowdsourcing, project management, software quality, software measurement, professionalism, human computer interaction, social-networking, and web 2.0
I started a personal project back in 2009 aiming at becoming an Ironman before 2015 and this is the project journal.

Skype: deniz.iren